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Interoperable mobility management and analytics platform
Kentsel Trafik

Ability to manage and analyze cities mobility in one center

Metis gathers all mobility related data from different data sources and turns it into actionable insights and recommendations for local authorities, public and private enterprises.

Soyut Yapısı


Sensor Agnostic

These are not just keywords.
What you have when you start to use METIS.


Easy to use



Central Platform


Ease of Integration

Real time management.jpg
Real time management

Full control and real time management capacity over the traffic network

Quick intervention ability

Providing quick intervention with remote control of the field systems and devices

Quick intervention.jpg
Operational, tactical and strategic insights

Turning the mobility data into meaningful information with big data analysis for new planning and investments decisions

More liveable cities

Enabling to live in more liveable cities by reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption

Liveable cities.jpg
METIS offers multiple sub-systems and their interoperability

Ready to make a difference
in mobility? 

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