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Mapalyse | Public Participation GIS Tool

Mobility analytics platform that offers map-based analytics for the effective management mobility through interactive surveys

Easy and interactive way to analyze mobility behaviors

It is an interactive mobility survey application that provides map-based analytics to analyze and effectively manage multimodal and intermodal mobility behaviors.

Mobility behavior analysis and management

Provides the possibility of drawing the route on the map by selecting the transportation mode. It visualizes the collected data based on maps and provides detailed analysis with different graphic types.

Identification of dangerous spots in the area

Analyzing the locations of dangeruous point that will threaten traffic safety on the routes and their effecets on mobility behaviors

Planning of accessible location and building zones

The planning of new structures to be built can be done by using the desired map base in a citizen participatory manner.


What does Mapalyse provide you?


Mobility behavior analysis and management for sustainable world


Possibility to conduct both map-based and mapless surveys in many question types


Planning of projects such as mobility analysis, household survey, location determination or arrangement of service routes

Ready to make a difference
in mobility? 

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