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Safely | Road Safety Analytics Platform

Big data-based decision support system

Map-based high accurate analysis for road safety 

Turning accident-related data and information into insights to enable decision-makers to make data-based decisions that will increase road safety.

Central big data analytics platform for urban road safety

Gathering and integrating data from different sources like historical accident data, traffic characteristics, weather conditions, infrastructure and all road users, and analyzing them in a single platform to provide meaningful information

High accident density areas

Heat map analysis that shows high accident density regions for quick detection and providing insights related to problematic areas

Easy access to comparative and dynamic analysis

Measure the impact of investments and improvements in road safety with comparative analysis, easily reporting them, and providing insights to use in road safety strategic planning


What does Safety Analytics provide you?


Central platform in road safety


High accurate and reliable information by increasing the quality and usability of data


Safer roads with big data analytics based problem detections and improvement decisions

Ready to make a difference
in mobility? 

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