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Public Transportation Decision Support System


Image by Ina Carolino

Smart way to get insights for the city’s public transportation mobility

Cermoni is a big data based, central public transportation decision support system that provides information to understand trip and passenger behavior along with travel demands in the city at macro, meso and micro levels by using smart card data.

Soyut Yapısı
macro copy.png
(whole city)
meso copy.png
micro copy.png
(bus stop)
Cermoni offers different analysis to make public transport more understandable
Heat Map Analysis

Understanding the city’s macro scale mobility by analyzing the public transport activity and density change in time-based

Zone Analysis

Measuring the public transport service level of the zones and analyzing the demands with zone-based travel productions

Origin-Destination Analysis

Understanding the cities’ public transport travel demand and patterns to provide insights for more efficient data-based decisions

Line Analysis

 Accessing all dynamic and static info of the lines, analyzing line-based ridership production, measuring the service level and performance, analyzing line similarity, speed, and schedule compatibility

Stop Analysis

The evaluation of stop performance, stop loads, stop density of lines, number of trips passing through stops, density changes


Digital transformation in public transportation

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