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DUMA | Dynamic Urban Mobility Assistant

Special MaaS application for your city
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DUMA is a multimodal mobility assistant application that informs the different transport modes with the most accurate, up-to-date and real-time traffic information (road work, accident, traffic density, parking spaces, etc.).

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Public Transportaion
Real time traveler information

Informing users with static and dynamic information (bike routes, shared bike stations, traffic congestion, electronic enforcement system, road works, etc.) for different transportation modes

Sustainable transportation to the cities as a culture

Notification system to make demand management more dynamic by highlighting sustainable modes (Example: sending notification to suggest cycling during rush hours, cultural tours suggestion with bike in weekends)

Reporting mechanism that directly brings together city managers and citizens

Users can directly report any problem that comes across in the road network, and it creates more effective mobility management within a participatory approach and gives quick intervention ability.

Multimodal analytics for data-based decisions

Big data and cloud based, large-scale multimodal mobility analytics to understand the differences between the needs and behaviors of different modes

Important step for the city’s C-ITS platform

DUMA brings traffic managers, citizens and the city's big mobility data platform or traffic management system together and enables them to work in an integrated manner.

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