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Increase traffic safety with full control in road assets

Road Asset Management


Map-based web and mobile application that enables to track, control, manage, report and analyze all road assets both in the stock and field.

Start the digital journey from stocks

No matter, the type and number of assets, all of them are recorded, stored, and filtered in Stock Management, and sending to the field by assigning to the employee

Get reports from the field with easy-to-use mobile app

All field tasks and assets are coordinated with a mobile app that can work online and offline (IOS and Android). Field employees can easily create, montage, and check assets in just a few minutes without any extra report needs.

Task management integration to track montage, maintenance and repair process

The installation, maintenance, repair, and control tasks can be assigned directly to the road assets. It helps to create a history for the asset and makes the tracking process very easy. 

Report all field assets and detailed information in the selected area

Especially in the proof needed situation like an accident, the assets (road signs) in the specified region and their detailed information can be taken as a report.

Increase efficiency in decision-making processes with dynamic analysis

Decide what type of road assets are needed, what type of assets need maintenance, their expiration date,  when is the right time to make a purchase based on data-based analytics.

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