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Efficiency for the field works coordination

Task Management

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Ability to manage planning, implementation, coordination and tracking process of field works in a single map by increasing communication and coordination between managers and field workers.

Organize your field works with minimum time and effort

It doesn’t have to be a complex process just because tasks are in very different areas with different needs. Assign, track and coordinate all field works with their locations in a single map

Easiest way to get report from the field

Field workers follow their assigned work, find the locations, and report on task details (in less than 1 minute) with a mobile application.


Digital archive creates your safe zone

Data, information, documents, photographs related to tasks will be filed from day one to prevent loss and you can access them easily whenever you want.

Performance measurement with dynamic analysis

Analyze your employees' performances and work processes with dynamic and personalized analysis and make data-based decisions to increase efficiency.


Digital transformation for better coordination

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