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Every great solution starts with the questions.

So, we ask questions and take action to create a sustainable way to have a better mobility experience in everyday life for all.

We have concrete answers that reach millions of people in 50 cities of 11 countries with hundreds of users
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Take Action

 Since 2011, Parabol has taken action everyday by operating in the smart mobility sector with mobility management and analytics solutions. For all transport modes, by creating insights and understanding related to mobility based on data, Parabol helps government authorities, municipalities, private companies and road users all over the world.


“Always produce for good” and “create value” in all conditions have been two main focuses to make better solutions since day one. Parabol cares about a human-centred approach in the digitization journey of mobility, and creates flexible, high efficient and easy-to-use solutions to make mobility management and analytics more innovative.

Show Expertise in Solutions

Deep expertise in big data, data mining, cloud computing, AI, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies, mobility algorithms has been making our solutions best in multimodal mobility analytics, road safety analytics and dynamic traffic management areas.



Every team member has a great impact on who we are. The team with different expertise like data analytics, cloud computing, mobility analytics, system integration,  software development, urban planning, design, marketing, sales, growth and finance creates a great environment to develop smart mobility solutions and reach them all over the world.

Awards & Programs 

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2019 Intertraffic Smart Mobility Awards

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2021 EIT Urban Mobility ScaleTHENGlobal Welcome2Europe Programme


2019 ITS Turkey Mobility Award

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ıntertraffic 2019.png
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