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We attended the 15th ITS European Congress in Lisbon with our Izmir SUMP Partners and Stakeholders

We are currently engaged at the 15th ITS European Congress alongside our partners and stakeholders involved in the İzmir Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). On the second day of this event, we delivered a presentation highlighting the activities undertaken within the project scope, in collaboration with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality team and ERTICO - ITS Europe. The presentation was notably engaging and captivating for all participants attending the congress.

By showcasing the initiatives carried out within the framework of the İzmir Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan project, alongside our collaborative partners and stakeholders, we are demonstrating our innovative approach to the global audience. These collaborations and partnerships extend beyond the project scope, offering significant opportunities for advancing and promoting sustainable transportation practices.

The innovative approach we have adopted in collaboration with our partners serves as a promising example not only for our project but also for the future of sustainable transportation. This successful presentation of our project inspires all relevant stakeholders and participants within the industry.

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