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Parabol wish you a happy new year! How about taking a look at our 2023 summary? 💫

Updated: Jan 2

Hello ✨ As we completed another year with better developments, exciting works and valuable efforts, we were very happy to be with you by growing even more.In 3 continents, 11 countries and 50+ cities We rapidly continued our work for sustainable transportation with our products, the effects we produce and our collaborations. This year our community , our stakeholders and our impact have grown even more.

We hope that next year will be a healthy, happy year for all of us, where we continue to create value and come together in innovative businesses for sustainable mobility :)

We wish you days full of health, happiness and success in the new year! 🎉

How about taking a quick look at 2023 now? 👀

We are in the largest city of Europe, Istanbul Sustainable Urban Transport Plan!🙌

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, European Union and T.R. In the project carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, together with GIZ, Rupprecht Consult and Yüksel Project, we have developed solutions based on big data and innovative methods within the scope of Sustainable Urban Transportation Plans for more than 16 million people in Istanbul. We started working.

Cermoni, demand-based optimization software, with project support from EIT in Antalya and Vignola, Italy🎉

In Cermoni, Antaya and Vignola to manage public transportation processes and reduce costs contributes!

Paolo Franceschini as advisor to the Municipality of Vignola: "Cermony, dynamics, scenario and Thanks to its demand-based optimization feature, it helps adjust public transport operations to meet evolving demand and thus improves the passenger experience.

We continue to make an impact with our innovative products in 3 continents, 11 countries and 50+ cities 💪🏼

Cermoni, Public Transportation Decision Support System, continues to reduce costs and digital transformation in public transportation with its new features!

Are you ready for a better public transportation service and efficient use of resources in 2024?💪

With Cermoni public transport mobility analysis and planning features Optimized trip recommendations with basic objectives such as cost reduction, emission reduction and increasing passenger service level presents. It also makes vehicle and driver assignments according to the selected trip schedule and facilitates process management by creating a driver duty schedule.

Türkiye's first big data-based Traffic Safety Analysis Platform, Safely, supports studies that will increase life safety in traffic🚦

  • We completed our training withGeneral Directorate of Highways, which uses our Traffic Safety Analysis Platform, based on big data technologies, to increase traffic safety and minimize accidents.

  • We organized the "Traffic Exhibition on the 100th Anniversary of our Republic" together with the Turkish Traffic Accident Prevention Association.

  • Safely was deemed worthy of an award at the 6th Way of Mind in Transportation Awards with Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality at the 5th Ordinary General Assembly of AUS Türkiye.

With Mapalyse, we increase user participation with location-based surveys 🌿🚗

With Mapalyse, we provide data collection and analysis processes with location-based surveys. Where was it used this year?

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans household surveys (Istanbul, Izmir)

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems evaluation surveys

  • Employee/student mobility analysis

  • Collection of citizen demands, participatory planning

  • Accessibility analysis 

  • Identification of damaged structures and needs during disaster periods

We worked together for sustainable mobility 🌿🚗

We continue our work to highlight sustainable transportation with our innovative solutions and methods in the İzmir Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. During this process, we came together with our stakeholders in workshops and events.

We attended more than 20 fairs and events in 6 Different Countries 🌎🚀

We had a year of high dynamism in 2023, where we came together with you and took an active part in many different events. We participated in various events in order to share our solutions on international platforms, create potential in global markets and follow the latest developments.

Our main participation:

  • UITP Global Public Transport

  • Move London

  • ITS European Congress

  • Connect4Mobility (EIT)

  • UITP Diploma Programme

  • DB Regio Event

We Became a Member of the International Public Transport Association UITP! 🌐🚎

During this year, the public transportation sector around the world We became a member of UITP, a leading non-governmental organization.

This important step will further strengthen our company in the global arena. It allows them to grow and interact.

We are excited to join this prestigious network!

We Met in Webinars and Shared Our Ideas 🖥️💬

We organized various webinars to share the latest developments in the sector and expand our experience, and we also participated as guests in important events in the sector. These webinars provided the opportunity to share information and come together with our users.

There is a message for you from the team📩Thank you very much for your trust in us and all your support.  2024'te together again.We hope it will be a healthy and beautiful year in which we will continue to dream and produce. 

Happy new year🎉

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