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Parabol Prepares to Engage in European Mobility Week from September 16th to 22nd, 2023

Parabol is geared up and ready to take part in the European Mobility Week scheduled between September 16th and 22nd, 2023! This year's theme, "Discover Your City," aligns perfectly with the concept of "Save Energy" in a way that emphasizes sustainable transportation throughout the week, aiming to raise awareness and inspire action.

✅ Online Webinars: Explore sustainable mobility opportunities in your city and the future of public transportation.

✅ "Mapalyse: Map your move" Campaign: Make your own mobility sustainable through this campaign.

✅ Blog Posts: Gain insight into the significance of European Mobility Week through informative blog articles.

✅ Parabol Discover Your City Competition: Orienteering in Ulus.

Throughout this week, we'll be highlighting the importance of sustainable and intelligent transportation, aiming to shed light on the future with your active participation!

The array of activities planned by Parabol intends to spark conversations and encourage individuals to adopt sustainable transportation choices. By engaging in these initiatives, everyone can contribute to creating a more environmentally friendly and efficient urban mobility landscape.

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