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Cermoni Takes Field Action to Optimize Public Transport!

Cermoni continues its active engagement in the field with users and partners, striving to optimize public transportation. These efforts are supported by insights from Daniele Paolino of AGENZIA PER LA MOBILITA ED IL TRASPORTO PUBBLICO LOCALE DI MODENA S.P.A. and Paolo Franceschini, a consultant from Vignola Municipality.

Daniele Paolino highlights that Cermoni, especially for Vignola, can assist in optimizing schedules, considering a future scenario where larger areas of the city might become quiet zones with a 30 km/h speed limit.

Paolo Franceschini, as a consultant for Vignola Municipality, emphasizes that Cermoni's scenario analysis feature aids in adapting public transport operations to evolving demands, thereby enhancing the passenger experience.

The three-day study visit for the Cermoni project, supported by EIT Urban Mobility, concluded successfully with great partners from Antalya Büyükşehir Belediyesi and Vignola. During the visit, all partners had the opportunity to share their experiences in public transportation and the impacts of Cermoni. Various areas such as the Antalya Department of Transport, Unions of Public Transport Planning & Authorisation, Transport Monitoring and Operations Centre, Tram Operation and maintenance center, and E-scooter usage area were visited. Experiencing public transport operations and sharing experiences was an important step for everyone involved.

We extend our gratitude to Antalya for their kind hospitality and the efforts of all their teams. To the Vignola team, it was significant to see you in Antalya, and we thank you for all your efforts and contributions. The next stop is Modena, Vignola! Stay tuned for further updates.

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