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Konya Metropolitan Municipality Shapes Intelligent Transportation Systems with Citizens' Views

Acting within the framework of the National Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy Document and 2020-2023 Action Plan determined by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Konya Metropolitan Municipality aims to improve the development of transportation systems throughout the city and increase the satisfaction of citizens.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which has recently taken steps to modernize and improve the transportation infrastructure of cities, has started a study to make smart transportation systems more suitable for the needs of citizens by using the platform called Mapalyse.

In this context, the study, which is carried out in line with the "Evaluation of User Experiences within the Scope of Intelligent Transportation Systems Services" action determined by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, prioritizes the participation of citizens. The goal is to contribute to the development of intelligent transportation systems and create a continuous improvement process.

The project will continue until November 10, 2023 and will allow Konya residents to share their opinions on issues such as the performance, accessibility, ease of use and overall satisfaction of the transportation systems used in the city. The feedback gathered through citizen engagement will play a critical role in shaping the municipality's future transportation projects.

With this study, which is a participatory and interactive process, Konya is in a pioneering position not only in terms of improving urban transportation systems, but also in terms of better understanding the expectations and needs of citizens. This step lays the foundation for a more participatory and responsive approach in the future planning of the city's transportation infrastructure.

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