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As Parabol, we congratulate you on Eid! We wish you a safe journey!🍬


With the start of the Eid holiday, we will be traveling to visit our loved ones, get together or relax.

We wanted to congratulate you on your holiday and remind you of some tips we all have to make our journeys more enjoyable and safe.  🙏

  • Vehicle Maintenance: Car maintenance before a road trip is an essential step for a safe and trouble-free journey.

  • Seat Belt: Wearing a seat belt while traveling is vital for the safety of you and your loved ones.

  • Rest and Breaks: Taking breaks at regular intervals on long journeys allows the driver to rest. Taking a walk or doing some exercise during the break can also reduce fatigue.

  • Careful Driving: Obeying speed limits, observing the distance rule and sharing with other drivers in a respectful manner increases the safety of the journey.

While you take precautions, we identify risky areas through traffic safety analyses. With these analyses, our relevant institutions are working to improve road safety.

As Parabol team, we wish you a healthy and beautiful Eid with your loved ones, Happy Eid Mubarak!

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