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Pintask: Can works, teams, and inventories be managed in one map?


* Do you do fieldwork?

* Can you follow the current status of your teams working in the field?

* When can you be informed if the works in the field have been completed? Is it instant?

* Does the reporting part take a lot of your time?

* Do you have inventories that you need to follow in the field? (plate, bump, etc.)

If questions like the ones above and many more like them are relevant to your daily business life, you are familiar with the problems and responsibilities that these questions bring. What if we eliminate your problems while managing this process on a single map, and take the burden of your responsibilities from you and transfer them to digital?

Pintask, map-based field work tracking and inventory management software, helps you to be instantly aware of the field while allowing you to control all your team, work and inventories on a single map. While none of your information and documents are lost, it allows you to access the details of all jobs whenever you want.

We keep track of tens of thousands of inventory and jobs in 8 cities and continue to facilitate hundreds of field workers every day. Very soon, we will bring the field to the screens with Pintask in 2 more surprise cities and start to benefit. Which cities do you think?

What is the Pintask ?

Pintask is a web and mobile application where you can manage, plan and track your field studies and inventories in the field, as well as track the jobs assigned to your employees and inventories in the field on the map.

With inventory management, signboards, billboards, bumps, etc. while the follow-up, controls, reporting and analysis processes of the inventories can be carried out; With task management, the planning, follow-up and analysis processes of field studies and field workers can be carried out easily. On a single screen, you can control your inventories on the one hand, and on the other hand, you can easily transfer the work to be done in the field regarding the inventories to your employees and ensure their follow-up.

How does Pintask help field processes?


10 Times Faster Reporting Processes

With Pintask, reports that previously took 2 working days (information about the inventories in the desired region, their display on the map, photos of these inventories, last control times, field studies, etc.) can be completed 10 times faster.

Offline Mode

With the Pintask Offline Mode feature, the absence of internet in the field is no longer a problem. Without losing any information and photos, you can perform operations such as locating, creating an inventory, uploading photos and assembling inventory in cases where there is no internet connection.

Planning and Assigning Works in One Map

You can plan your work by viewing all business processes on a single map. By prioritizing and scheduling, you can create all the details about the business, establish a team and assign them to the relevant people.

Storehouse and Stock Informations

With Pintask, you can record all the inventory and stocks in your storehouse and quickly access all information about the products. You can add hundreds of inventory to your stock in seconds.


What else is changing with Pintask?

- 95% reduction in inventory losses

- Reporting from the field in less than 1 minute

- Data-based decision-making in new inventory purchases

- At least 30% more performance improvement in field work

- Creating evidence and documents easily for legal processes when necessary

Here is an example of the stories of our users, with whom we continue to generate benefits every day: How the fieldworks in 360 different places were coordinated in just 2 weeks in Şanlıurfa?

Do you want to write a new success story together?

You can contact us for detailed information and to try Pintask for free.

We wish you a nice day.



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