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Increasing fuel prices, service quality.. How will we maintain the balance in public transportation?

While trying to encourage the use of public transportation on the one hand the fact that the current public transportation operations are unsustainable due to the costs has become a problem that many people in the sector every day. While ticket prices have increased by 195% fuel costs have increased by 545% in the last 5 years at IETT which provides 50% of the public transportation services in Istanbul (4.250.000 passengers, 50,000 flights per day). In many cities such as Bursa, Gaziantep, Kayseri and İzmir, public transportation services continue to be subsidized by the municipalities.

In this process, we continued to ask every day how we could produce benefits for the problems experienced with our own expertise and continued to develop our solutions while everyone was trying to take responsibility, We have further developed our comprehensive and innovative product Cermoni, the Public Transportation Decision Support System, which enables effective decisions to be made that will increase usage rates, service level and efficiency in public transportation.

In this article, we will share with you how we create solutions for public transportation with Cermoni and the benefits it provides.

How is the situation in your city ? You can share with us by participating in the survey at the end of the article.

Happy reading to everyone!



*Cermoni is a big data-based decision support system that enables you to understand the city's public transportation mobility, saves money by using your resources effectively, and also increases the quality of public transportation service.

- Collects public transport data under one roof,

- Analyzes city travel demands and passenger behavior at macro, meso and micro levels,

- Provide timetable, driver and route based optimization scenarios.



It is very difficult to talk about making an effective improvement in public transport when we do not make data-based measurements or understand the demands. We analyze the mobility of public transport users with time-space-based analyzes with Cermoni and we ask "Do you know where the public transport users want to go, really their demands?"

* Origin-Destination Analysis (OD): It provides regular trips by generating "getting off" information and understanding the urban public transportation mobility on the basis of region, line and station.

* Time-based passengers Analysis : It provides macro-scale public transport dominance of the whole city and rapid problem detection with density analysis of public transport movements and changes in the entire network.

* Line Analysis: With line similarity analysis, it provides route and stop-based similarity rates, journey productions on the line, service levels and performance measurement.

* Service Level Analysis: It provides service levels based on passenger, frequency, reliability and service hours. As a result of the evaluations, decisions such as fleet size and expeditions are taken and the service level is increased.



Cermoni is taking into account the demands of public transport users and offers optimization scenarios that enable efficient use of resources such as fleet, fuel and driver, reducing operational costs, increasing service level and user satisfaction.

With tariff optimization, it is determined at which times the buses should travel to which lines, while with route optimization, express lines are created depending on the changing density on the lines during the day and unused stops are determined in a way that does not affect the service quality. With driver optimization, it provides optimum answers to the questions of which driver should go on which vehicle, on which line and at what time.


We had the opportunity to attend the IT-TRANS event, one of the most important public transport events in the world, held in Karlsruhe, Germany, between 10-12 May 2022.

We have seen that our comprehensive solution that ranging from public transportation data management to demand analysis and optimization brings an innovative approach to public transportation thanks to both the comments of our visitors and our exchange of ideas with different companies.

Having a sustainable transportation, tackling economic difficulties, increasing the use of public transportation... Whatever our problem is, it is in our hands to do better with innovative solutions.

We are wondering about you.

Would you like to participate in the survey and share what is the public transportation situation in your city and what is being done?

We have come to the end of your article, thank you very much for reading.

We would love to benefit more cities' public transport together. You can contact us at any time.

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