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Importance of Spatiotemporal Evaluation of Public Transportation Metrics

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

The European Transport Conference 2020

Aim and Scope: Public transit (PT) is a necessary but very challenging component of sustainable transport, as PT operations are very costly (and often subsidized) and have traditionally been planned according to land use and travel demand forecasts. Smart Card (SC) data holds great potential to reveal insights regarding the performance of PT services; however, it needs efficient analysis and visualization tools and selection of appropriate metrics to evaluate and portray PT characteristics. This study focuses on portraying the importance of spatiotemporal evaluation of PT demand characteristics as opposed to aggregate values using some selected measures. The numeric results are obtained using SC data from the metropolitan city of Konya, Turkey. The study includes evaluation of aggregate and hourly disaggregated data for selected ridership metrics of total trips (R), transfer trips (TR), and discounted trips (DR) in a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) environment.

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