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Digital transformation in road safety in Ankara; 5000 boards were installed in 1 month!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Directorate started its digital transformation in road safety using the Pintask Inventory Management application.

How was the situation?

The institution responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic signs, which is very important for the traffic safety of the unit, had different responsibilities for each work done or not done.

Since it is a necessary condition to ensure that the works are carried out within the scope of occupational safety measures and completed in a planned manner in order to increase traffic safety, the team to work in the field had to be well coordinated, there had to be no deficiencies in the field and the maintenance had to be done regularly.

However, the lack of an up-to-date system in which documents and information on the field were collected and archived made coordination and work control difficult.

This loss of photographs and documents sometimes caused the problem in the field not to be found. Was there a problem due to missing or wrong marking, or was the problem caused by external factors rather than the work done? Evidence was difficult to find.

At the same time, it was difficult to evaluate the performance of the work done, since it was not possible to follow up on the system in the evaluation of employee performance. It became difficult to control the working times of the teams that were allocated to different parts of the city, and to follow how long the work was completed.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Directorate, which started the digital transformation in traffic safety, started to use Pintask in the coordination, control and analysis of field studies and got rid of all these problems by starting to manage all signage works on a single map.

What Changed Pintask Inventory Management?

They started to assign jobs to specific people or teams by creating location-based jobs in the field, so that the records of the jobs were created. Before starting the work, the field teams uploaded the photos showing that the job security was taken and the photos showing the completion of the job to the job record they were working on and reported that the job was finished with a single click. Thanks to Pintask's digital archive where job-specific photos, employees, date, duration and location information are kept, they started to record the control of all their work with documents.

With the feature of tracking the location of the employees, they started to instantly monitor whether the team members in the field were at their workplaces. Thanks to Pintask's ability to create dynamic analysis, who worked how many hours, which job takes how much time, which job was completed the most? They started to receive reports for all the performance criteria they set.

A total of 7600 traffic signs were recorded in the project carried out between 11 November and 16 December in Ankara's Polatlı district. 5000 signboards were mounted on the field and recorded together with their photographs.

What was the benefit of the Pintask?

  • Because of the application is user-friendly, the team quickly adapted to the system.

  • The field team was able to report in less than 1 minutes.

  • Asset losses have been minimized.

  • Data-based decision-making processes accelerate

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