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Map Based Task and Inventory Management Application


Task Management
All job assignment processes in one map

Assigning to the relevant person or teams by determining all the requirements of the task from a single interface. Reducing address confusion in work processes by determining the task location on the map

Assigning Tasks to Devices in the Field

Assigning tasks to your devices, which are integrated into the installation and maintenance processes of the devices, with a single click on the map

Instant Tracking, Reporting, Chronological Process Tracking

Instant following of assigned tasks and their status by field workers, visual and written reporting before and after the task, display of all activities and changes made during the task in chronological order

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Team Building and Task Prioritization

Teaming up people going on similar tasks and assigning work to the team. Efficient work planning for teams with taks ordered by location and priority

Dynamic and Customizable Analytics

Data-based analyzes related to tasks and employees created using various display methods that can be used in personnel performance evaluations

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Preventing Document Loss with Digital Archiving

Quick access to data with the general search feature and access to all the details, documents, photos and comments of the archived tasks with the digital archive containing all the details

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