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Modular, software-based solution for mobility management

Mobility management has become indispensable in many areas. In companies as well as in municipal institutions, it forms the basis for planning and contributes to environmental protection.


With Mapalyse you can analyze and graphically display mobility surveys, routes to school, hazardous areas, residential locations and ranges. Fast and easy.



Simple surveys can be carried out or involving map-based queries, such as showing routes to work or school.

Residential Locations

We can record the residential locations based on coordinates (drag & drop function). We can record, evaluate and display the distances (as the crow flies) from the residential locations to the workplace/school. This is done via Radius on the mapalyse map dashboard. The radius can be adjusted flexibly.


We can record and display the dangerous spots on the way (way to work, way to school) based on coordinates (e.g. as a heat map). The danger spots can be labeled individually.

Danger Spots

We can record the routes (with length information) to work/school based on maps. The routes can be recorded with one means of transport or with several means of transport.

Point of Interest

We can record different POIs, such as parent bus stops, positions for bicycle parking facilities, positions for charging stations, etc.

Why Mapalyse?

We think from the point of view of the project manager. Mapalyse is intended to unite the different requirements in mobility management and to facilitate the processing of projects.

Mapalyse is a web-based platform that combines various mobility management functions.

With a map-based approach, it enables a quick analysis of the individual functions, such as the mobility survey or the analysis of the route to and from school. This means that route and means of transport-related queries are possible.

Example: How many kilometers do my employees drive to the office by car?

Result dashboard

The results of the surveys are summarized in a dashboard. It is possible to display the evaluations in a pie, column or bar chart. Depending on the question type, stacked column and bar charts are also possible.


Map Dashboard

In the map dashboard, the routes, danger spots and residential locations can be displayed and analyzed together. Heatmap displays are also possible.


Export function

All results can be exported as jpeg or png. Survey results can also be exported as a CSV file.

Which results can Mapalyse display?

With Mapalyse, you don't need several tools, but one for different areas.

  • Instead of Excel, PowerPoint, GIS tools only Mapalyse.

  • The interface between mobility management, traffic planning, and traffic safety.

This makes it possible to work more efficiently. This saves many hours of work.

Ready to make a difference
in mobility? 

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