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Tuğçe Işık Participates in the Panel "Resilient and Sustainable Urban Mobility Technologies" at #Connect4Mobility Event

Our Marketing Director Tuğçe Işık will participate in an important panel at the #Connect4Mobility event on Tuesday, September 12. Within the scope of this event, she will take part as a speaker in the panel on "Resilient and Sustainable Urban Mobility Technologies".

Tuğçe Işık will elaborate on how data-driven technological solutions contribute to the preparedness and resilience of cities before, during, and after disasters. She will share our current work and focus on the potential of these technologies to help cities prepare more effectively for emergencies and sustainability in times of crisis.

This panel aims to provide participants with a valuable perspective on the resilience and sustainability of urban mobility technologies. With her knowledge and experience in this field, Tuğçe Işık is expected to share how data-driven solutions support the capacity of urban areas to cope with crises.

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