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Honored with an Award for our Traffic Safety Analysis Platform in Collaboration with Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality

Our innovative traffic safety analysis platform, the first of its kind in Turkey, has been honored with an award at the 6th Ulaşımda Aklın Yolu Ödülleri (AUS) Turkey's 5th General Assembly, in collaboration with Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality! 🏆

We extend our congratulations to Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality for this recognition. We take pride in collectively enhancing traffic safety in our city through innovative methodologies.

This esteemed award underscores the innovative approaches and successful partnerships of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality in the domain of traffic safety. We are proud of the collaborative efforts we have undertaken to bolster traffic safety in our city.

This award holds immense significance as a testament to the successful outcomes achieved in traffic safety through a data-centric approach. Thanks to the vision and collaboration of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, this recognition marks a significant milestone in our progress toward improving traffic safety.

We congratulate Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality for this esteemed award and look forward to further successes in our future collaborations, aimed at elevating the standards of traffic safety and enhancing the quality of life in our city.

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