We offer sustainable and comprehensive traffic management solutions to increase the well-being of their citizens!

Central Traffic Management System (METIS) is a comprehensive approach to overcome the great limitations of current ATMS by providing new superior instruments to improve traffic management but also developing innovative on-cloud architectures and revenue models to strip current ATMS of everything that new technologies and innovative business models allow to do in a better and less costly way. Ultimately, it highly reduces the economic, labour, and equipment requirements of current ATMS solutions.

We help decision-makers to detect and solve parking violations in a fast and reliable way.

Parking Violation Detection System, which consists of a high-resolution camera and an embedded image processing card, detects vehicles in the no-parking zone and performs plate detection. The system continuously scans within an area of 75 meters radius to automatically detects vehicles that exceed the operator-specified times.

We affect 6,538,968 vehicles on traffic.
Our solutions used in 21 cities and 4 countries
We affect 23,557,585 people's lives.